Supportive footwear to live in around-the-clock.

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Comfort is complex.

We analyze 10,000 factors from each foot to 3D print your left & right insole strengthening each side of your body.

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We believe when you put your feet first, whole body harmony follows.

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Forget everything you knew
about shoes

Most of us are walking around in shoes made for someone else's feet. Casca offers a radically more inclusive design system that responds to your distinct foot factors.

Why We're Here

We want to enable every Casca wearer to live a full life, with the energy and endurance for travel, exploration and adventure—today, tomorrow, and twenty years down the road.

Because, Earth

Low-emissions production. Renewable energy. Ethical labour.

We’re only as well as the world we live in.

Legit Experts

People with lots of degrees made these.

Cascas are developed with renowned orthopedic surgeons Dr. Sara Urton and Dr. Richard Ferkel.

    These are performance shoes that take you from work to play without skipping a beat.
    Casca shoes are designed for better support.
    "An all purpose shoe that can span across all your day-to-day activities. In a way, it's a real anti-sneaker."
    Premium sneaker brands are seemingly a dime a dozen – few actually live up to the marketing hype. An exception to that is Casca.
    The folks at Casca have emerged to offer absurdly-precise, 3D-printed insoles made to suit your feet exactly.
  • Chris R.
    My knees used to be a mess and I've used these expensive orthotics for years that changed the fit of my shoes... now I'm just wearing Casca's and they feel great.
  • Benn M.
    The second I slipped these shoes on I fell in love. Not only are they incredibly comfortably and support your feet well, they also look great!
  • Jenny B.
    Very stylish and super comfortable. On the expensive side but you get what you pay for. I had a pair of Stan Smith which I wore for two years but hated the comfort level.
  • Max F.
    These guys have thought of everything down to the smallest detail like a raised heel cup that allows you to easily slide your foot in without crushing the heel! Who thinks of that?! So happy with my Salo's and can't wait to see what's next
  • Victor L.
    These shoes with the SmartFit insoles are the most comfortable shoes i have ever owned! Fantastic! Love them !!
  • Johnny B.
    Exceptional comfort, function, durability and style. Its unusual to have a product that ticks all the boxes as most companies stratify their offerings to eliminate something (i.e. price vs quality). This all-in-one shoe by Casca is truly remarkable in that sense. A short walk about in these is all you need. No second guessing yourself here.


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