Casca's Holiday Gift Guide

Casca's Holiday Gift Guide


Tis the season for gifting— but this year, showing your appreciation for loved ones likely means more than it did in previous years. This holiday season will involve less outings, parties, and get-togethers. You might even be sending your gifts to family & friends rather than exchanging them in person, so let’s make them good ones. 

We’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide for everyone on your list, from the one who’s itching to travel again, to the one who’s impossible to buy for. We’ve focused on small businesses, local shops, and brands who put slow fashion at the forefront of their cause. Since the onset of the pandemic and the sudden closure of retail stores, there’s been a newfound appreciation for small businesses that contribute to the cultural hubs of our cities. Supporting them during this time is so important. 

Browse our inclusive gift guide and pick out a few things for your loved ones (and maybe a couple for yourself too). 

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KOTN Sweatsuit
Our guess is that everyone you know has spent exponentially more time at home this year. And what do we like to wear at home? Sweats. KOTN has a variety of cozy and ethically-made sweat suits for everyone.

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Coffee Table Books 
One can never have too many coffee table books. We love Apartamento and other inspiring books & mags from Vancouver’s Old Faithful Shop. 

Casca Pascal Socks

Casca Pascal Socks
When you were a kid, getting socks as a present sucked. Perhaps we’re biased but we love putting nice things on our feet. Premium socks are a great gift, trust us.

Holiday Gift Guide

PELA iPhone & AirPod case 
Pela’s iPhone and Airpod cases (the first compostable cases on the market) are perfect for the earth lover or the tech enthusiast in your life. 

MONOS Carry-on Luggage
If there’s someone in your life who’s itching to hop on a plane again, perhaps a luggage upgrade is the perfect gift. Monos makes high quality items with features like an unbreakable polycarbonate shell and an antimicrobial interior.

Asket's Perfect Oxford Shirt
We still need nice shirts, even if we’re sitting on Zoom calls with pajamas on the bottom half. Asket operates under a transparent business model and makes quality essentials– the kind of company that’s easy to get behind.

One of a Kind Items
If there’s someone in your life who’s tough to buy for because they’re simply too cool for everything, try browsing one of a kind items and consider unique ceramics or home decor from our friends at Shop Neighbour.

Hannah Candle
For the one with the artistic eye. Hannah candles are a beautiful gift reminiscent of strolling through foreign museums. Available in a men’s or women’s form.

Linjer Watch 
A watch is a timeless gift suitable for just about anyone in your life — siblings, significant others, and parents. Linjer offers a variety of faces & straps.

Bather Beanie 
Stocking stuffer, gift exchange, last minute present – everyone loves a new tuque, and we love Bather’s wide array of colours and silky-smooth yarns.

Baro Drywear Raincoat
Designed by west coasters for the wet coast. Baro Drywear makes fashion-forward, high-quality outerwear built to last. 

Casca Avro Knit
The gift of comfort (if we do say so ourselves) – Casca sneakers are versatile, stylish, and wearable for just about any occasion. Choose between waterproof leather or breathable knit, and upgrade your gift to SmartFit™ for that extra cherry on top.

Wolf Circus Signet Ring
Jewelry as a gift is a no-brainer. Wolf Circus’s Everybody line is their first shift toward being an inclusive, intersectional brand. A signet ring, like many other pieces of theirs, is a timeless addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

BAGGU Reusable Shopping Bags
Another great gift for the eco-friendly pal in your life. Baggu shopping bags come in a variety of patterns and colours, and will make your friend’s shopping trips a little more aesthetically-inclined. 

Poten Hats
The quintessential baseball cap for the hat-lover in your life. Made in Japan with premium fabrics and leather detailing, Poten’s wine-coloured velour variety is a favourite for the festive season. 

Craft Design Technology
Who doesn’t love good stationary. For the friend that works too much (or not enough), help them make their workspace a calm place – Craft Design Technology has a variety of gift-worthy stationary. 

Kinto Tumblers 
Whether your person enjoys hiking, running around the city, or just loves their coffee to-go, Kinto travel tumblers make beautiful, practical, and sustainable gifts.  

SEED Synbiotic Subscription
Say it with us: Gut Health! Probiotics & prebiotics are undoubtedly a step toward better health. That’s Seed’s mission with their monthly subscriptions, and their branding happens to be pretty cool too. 

Minca Bohemia Blankets 
For interior design lover in your life. Their holiday season could be just a little bit cozier with Minca’s blankets, made of responsibly sourced Merino wool from Australia.


Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!


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