Interview Sessions

Interview Sessions

At Casca, we see design as a tool, a problem solver. Before we get too involved, it's critical that we validate our research with potential users. It's a user-centric design approach that helps us eliminate real issues and provide the best experience possible.

In the early days of Casca, our team reached out to hundreds of people. From high school sneakerheads to architects to nuclear fusion scientists, from Vancouver to Copenhagen to Shanghai, we've shared stories and most importantly, listened to what people want. 

Here are a few comments that stood out!


“Branding and styling is important, but if you can tick the boxes of functionality, I love it. All about function for me.”


“I want a shoe I can take straight from work to going out. Comfortable. Classic. Doesn’t lose shape.”


“I think the versatility is the biggest, most important aspect. I’ll feel a lot better getting that value out of it.”



When we started this project, we wanted to create footwear that offered more and was used more. Our conversations strengthened this idea and confirmed a need among a wide range of people. Ideally, everyday shoes must function for all your day-to-day doings, look great in any environment and stand the test of time. These criteria are integral to everything we design. 

Thanks to everyone for their insights, advice, and support. Collectively, you helped direct the next step in our development. We look forward to sharing the results in the coming months and hope they surpass your expectations. 

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