Introducing Casca's Initiative

Introducing Casca's Initiative

At Casca, we believe that together, community and technology can power a bright future for the generations ahead. Moving forward, $1 from every shoe purchase will go to, a non-profit dedicated to expanding computer science in marginalized and under-represented communities.

To signify the launch of this initiative, we’ve created a small capsule of everyday goods with 100% of proceeds going to 

At the core, our work at Casca is about progress – innovating and advancing towards a better future for all. As a technology-driven company, we believe STEM education can unlock potential and fuel the next generation of change-makers. The importance of computer science can be seen across a breadth of industries. It isn’t just about coding a website or building an app – computer science is foundational to many fields including sustainability, medicine, and urban planning. By committing to equity and access to this type of education, it creates a long-lasting impression in our communities and the individuals within it. increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning. Increasing diversity in computer science is foundational to’s work; for the fourth year in a row, half of students in courses come from marginalized racial and ethnic groups.

Our unique graphic – ​​an abstract floral motif with DNA double helix stems – encompasses the values behind our #ForTheFuture campaign. When we cultivate computer science education within our communities, we grow a bright future for the generations ahead.

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