Introducing Lift OS

Introducing Lift OS

All-day performance footwear isn't as simple as replicating technology from athletic products in more timeless styles. The design requirements for a modern professional are vastly different from that of a 100m sprinter or an alpinist.

While performance is often considered in the 'casual' market, that is exactly how it's approached - casually. 

At Casca, we're carving a new category for everyday wearers: shoes derived from an unwavering commitment to purposeful innovation, so that you're never limited by the shoes on your feet. 

After working with orthopedic experts to fine-tune our unique last, we designed our sole with a list of requirements for all-day use. The result is a refined system that provides improved support, grip, stability, and comfort. One that holistically considered issues of durability, aesthetics, weight, and manufacturability.

Hello Lift OS. 

Durable molded outsole:

  • Mountaineer-grade rubber compound for unparalleled grip
  • Contoured form to increase lateral stability and reduce heel strike impact
  • Variable lugged tread based on pressure mapping 
  • Perimeter stitching to increase durability 

Casca - HIROS - Heel Stabilizer

Responsive stabilizer: 

  • A patent-pending frame to lock the heel in place and stiffen the mid-foot 
  • Reduces fatigue and strain during all-day wear
  • Injection molded form mates perfectly with outsole
  • Stitched through the outsole and upper for a durable connection

Casca - HIROS - ET Foam Footbed

E.T. Foam Footbed:

  • Superior dampening and resiliency when compared with conventional EVA
  • Arch & metatarsal support for improved posture and balance
  • Removeable, allowing for orthopedic alterations in extreme cases

Casca - HIROS - System

While setting up production, we've played tennis on skyscrapers, climbed mountains in Southern China and cycled through Vancouver's wettest rainstorms. We've worn them every day, in every situation. 

We have been working methodically to develop new solutions that help you live limitlessly.

Prepare for launch. Prepare for Lift OS! 


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