Introducing the Avro Recycled Knit

Introducing the Avro Recycled Knit

At Casca, we’re determined to make the world’s most advanced everyday shoes. It’s not just about the technology we integrate, it’s about health, sustainability and understanding the entire product lifecycle. As a company, we reject fast fashion by creating high-quality, long-lasting products, but we know there’s always room for improvement. So this is our next kick at the can, or should we say… plastic bottle. We’ve created a versatile, durable shoe made from recycled materials. The knit upper of each pair keeps approximately 7 plastic bottles out of oceans and landfills. 

The durability of our shoes is extremely important to us. After all, what’s the point in using sustainable materials if the shoe itself will soon end up in a landfill? We use cutting-edge technology and enduring materials like mountaineer-grade rubber to craft footwear that lasts many years. Casca’s silhouettes are timeless, trend-evading, and unlike other fabric shoes, our knit option requires no pattern-cutting or trimming. They are seamless and crafted from a single panel of fabric which produces virtually no scraps. Our co-founder, Kevin Reid, says “part of creating the world’s most advanced everyday footwear is constantly challenging our team to be more sustainable while creating longer-lasting products. With the Avro Recycled Knit, we took the time to develop 100% recycled PET yarns without sacrificing the quality and durability our customers know us for.”

This style will be available in 1 colourway, Moss Green, to start but by 2022, all of our knit varieties will be made from recycled or renewable materials. As always, we order styles in limited quantities to reduce waste and overstock.

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