Orthopaedics with Marc Paris

Orthopaedics with Marc Paris

In the first month of development, we developed anatomically correct, orthopedically sound lasts with Marc Paris, a 4th generation shoemaker and pedorthic technician. The last is the internal shoe form and probably the most critical part of the shoemaking process. We're privileged to be working on this component with someone who has such extensive knowledge and care for foot health. We've learned more about the importance of our feet in relation to our the health than we ever thought possible. Marc's family has been making custom boots/shoes and orthotics under Paris Orthotics since 1907, and continue to lead the industry to this day.



As we analyzed existing lasts and questioned their methods over some nice local beer, we developed a deeper understanding so we could build our own and evolve on the existing. Why go through the effort of developing a last from scratch? There are stock lasts and shapes used by the vast majority of companies, but are they really the best option? 

These general forms continue to stray from an anatomically correct foot shape becoming a more and more uniform, bulbous in shape. For Casca, this wasn't good enough. We have a vision, and a high standard for any product we create. So we started building a fine-tuned, sculpted form that respected and improved the orthopedic conditions of everyday footwear. A form that was not only comfortable but form-fitting and beautiful. 



When we were ready to make our own, we worked with Marc late into the night. What started as a block, was grinded down and carved away. Fun Fact: Marc won a competition recently at a global shoe-maker conference for "Best Grinder" so, we were in good hands. After Marc was done his magic, we used auto-body filler to add dimension and increase the level of detail in certain areas. Sometimes the old-school method is the best method. 

Looking forward to sharing more footwear development soon. Stay tuned!  

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