Launching the Future of Footwear

Launching the Future of Footwear

Today marks an important step in Casca’s mission to create the future of footwear.

We started this journey by questioning everything and rethinking how everyday shoes are approached from the ground up. We traveled the world, learning from orthotic experts how to properly support the foot and address a common oversight in the industry.

The footwear and apparel industry is one of the most destructive in the modern world. As we build long-lasting, versatile shoes to eliminate more purchases, more consumption and more waste, we’re putting the profits towards inventing closed-loop products that are better for humans, and the planet.

We’re proud to introduce FootB3D™, Casca’s proprietary custom footbed, and our first step towards automated, zero-waste manufacturing. To achieve the precise fit, FootB3D™ maps 20,000 unique data points of your foot and creates an insole perfectly tailored to you and your Avro shoes.

 By combining technical materials with FootB3D™, we offer the world’s first high performance, personalized, everyday shoe.

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