Made in China

Made in China

Why would a high-grade footwear company from Canada choose to manufacture their product in China? 

Since 1991, our development partners have brought technical expertise from Taiwan to their studio in Guangzhou, China. There's a reason why the most cutting edge athletic and outdoor shoes are manufactured here, and our partner's facilities have been at the forefront.




Their array of manufacturers produces over 5 million pairs of shoes a year ranging from development for the YEEZY brand to full-scale manufacturing of hard-wearing occupational footwear from Reebok. State-of-the-art testing machines, high-res 3D printers, and innovative knitted uppers are just a few examples of their capabilities. Over the past 15 years, Chinese manufacturing has been reinventing itself with a focus on technical products and innovation. We're proud to be working with a developer with such high attention to detail. 

While European production is entering an interesting transition period, where first generation manufacturers are now retired, our shoemakers have over 30 years of training and experience. After traveling and touring factories in Portugal, Italy, and Asia, we were confident that the shoemaking expertise in combination with local access to advanced materials and technology was second to none in China. 

More to come!

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