Meet The Tech Team

Meet The Tech Team

In conjunction with the launch of our initiative, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight our very own tech team. Meet Johann, Batya, and Carly– all of whom have varying skills and diverse backgrounds. Together they’re responsible for developing the software, fitting algorithms, and manufacturing of each individualized SmartFit™ insole.

Meet Johann, Casca’s Systems Architect.

Johann is originally from Belgium where he received his Masters in Electrical Engineering. After his studies, he specialized in making high-end electronic products and video servers for broadcasters. His freelance work in 3D printing and unmanned aerial vehicles is what led him to his role at Casca. Here he’s responsible for making sure the software and overall architecture required to create and manufacture SmartFit™ is always working and ready to scale.

Johann is truly passionate about working with technology. “As an engineer I see software as the magic wand that acts as a medium between our imagination and tangible results in real life.” His interest in STEM developed through his deep appreciation for science. Understanding how science works has always been a tremendous source of fascination for him and it’s the ever-changing landscape of technology that motivates him, particularly quantum computing. Johann is especially excited about how quantum computing is “pushing even further the limits of what can ultimately be understood by humans. Never before in history have we had the tools to simulate complex systems so accurately and so quickly.”

As an avid engineer, Johann believes in the power of education, noting that software is everywhere and its impacts are limitless. His advice for those just starting their careers in STEM and computer science: “As with everything, it takes time to have a good understanding and mastery of the topic. Don’t skip the basics and take every opportunity offered to you to experiment and to go beyond what you know.”

Meet Batya, Casca’s Chief Technology Officer.

Batya leads up everything technology, and also has a hand in growth marketing (when it comes to numbers and analytics). Her life and career has taken her from San Diego to Boston to the Bay Area to Vancouver. Batya’s extensive resume began at MIT, where she did her undergrad and postgrad in Mechanical Engineering. From there she secured her first job at a little-known electric vehicle company called Tesla. She would later go on to work in 3D printing and then find her way to Casca.

Working with technology was an obvious path for Batya. With a computer engineer for a dad and an inherent love for math & science, you could say it’s in her genetics. When asked why she’s so passionate about her field she says, “STEM touches every aspect of our daily lives, even if you don’t recognize it. Software runs so many things—from modern day manufacturing lines to the smartphone you pick up every morning. It’s easy to take for granted how much technology affects us and everything we do.” She developed this appreciation when she was working in systems integration for electric vehicles—bringing together technical specialists from different fields to make the vehicle prototypes function efficiently.

When it comes to future innovations and what she’s most excited about, there’s a lot of options, but she notes that we haven’t even begun to see what blockchain can actually accomplish or change in our lives. The opportunities for young people to get into STEM are seemingly endless. What’s her advice? Batya wants to make sure you “don’t get discouraged just because the person next to you has been doing this since they were a little kid. Everyone needs to start somewhere.”

Meet Carly, Casca’s Industrial Designer.

Carly is integral to the tech team. She works to continually improve the fit, feel, and customer experience of SmartFit™. Carly also oversees SmartFit™ manufacturing and the printer fleet.

Carly is a California native who has always had a passion for creation. She says she’s always making something—pottery, clothing, cocktails to name a few recent endeavours. Her love for creation led her to a degree in Industrial Design, which she received at the University of Washington. She went on to work in 3D printing, first as a technician and then in design for 3D printed manufacturing. There she became more knowledgeable about 3D printers, materials, and the software that runs them.

Her expertise in 3D printing has taken her across the border to Vancouver, Canada. When asked what she enjoys about working for Casca she says “on a small team like ours, each person has vastly different experience and expertise. It makes for an exciting environment to collaborate in.” And looking forward, she’s excited about a handful of innovations within the tech world, from wearable technology, to generative design and mass customization. “I’m excited to see how we can apply these technologies to create smarter, more inclusive designs.” 


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