More Shoes? Why?

More Shoes? Why?

Many of the great and inspiring leaders of our generation think, act and communicate the same way.

Martin Luther King spoke of his dreams. The Wright Brother's pondered the possibilities of a world with flight. Steve Jobs questioned processes and changed the face of computing. 

While many have attempted to understand why some are successful and other's fail, a key approach has been studied and analyzed by Simon Sinek, a British/American author, and marketing consultant. It starts with the Golden Circle. Before discussing what we're going to do, or how we're going to do it, it's critical that we ask ourselves why

Casca Footwear was born from an urge to question and break the status quo. In a scene so heavily influenced by false ideas of beauty, success, and happiness. In an industry dictated by fashion and hype and an endless stream of new product, we feel we can offer something better. We think our customers are more intelligent and more perceptive than anyone gives them credit for. To us, design is a tool for improving lives. If we can make products that solve a broad range of problems, promote a healthy lifestyle and deliver it in an honest, transparent way, we're confident we can create an amazing community of users. 

So how can we improve lives through footwear? What if we actually listened to people, to what they like and all the things they accomplish in a day. After interviewing and listening to others for over 2 months, we realized something. We're all dreamers, explorers, thinkers and we believe that there are no limits in life. Seeking adventure, spontaneity and the freedom to do anything at any moment is what keeps us inspired, active and passionate. So, what if we could make a shoe that never held you back. That worked in any condition, looked great in any situation and gave you comfort and stability wherever you go.

When we communicate from inside out, we talk directly to the part of the brain that controls behaviour. The external facts and figures, the advanced technologies and expert craftsmanship, help justify it but many will still say “it just doesn’t feel right" even if the facts are there. By interviewing and understanding our customers, we're able to derive why we should do this and then act on it to provide solutions. 

We hope this message resonates. We want our product to be an outlet for people. We want our community to grow because of the why. We're incredibly excited to show you how. And we hope you come back for the what.

Thanks to everyone who has shared and involved themselves in this journey. If you haven't, don't hesitate to reach out here.

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