Photo Series 001. Fluidity

Photo Series 001. Fluidity

Fluidity (/flo͞oˈidədē/) : The ability to flow easily. Smooth elegance. The state of being malleable; changeability.

Introducing our first photo series exploring fluidity; freedom of movement and mind. This will be our first of many photo series – each one representing innovation, reflection and exploration into art, technology, self and more.

“Fluidity is what nature consists of - unnoticeable shifts, constant transformation. The way things are supposed to change – slow, subtle, with grace.” - Michele Bygodt, photographer.

We started Casca to help people live life more fluidly, with one well-designed solution to seamlessly move through unpredictable daily life – ‘whatever the weather, wherever, whenever.’ By bridging premium craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, you get footwear that helps you do more with less.

Photographer: Michelle Bygodt
Art Direction: Roanne Mendoza
Model: Nyalinglat of Alaeria Agency

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