Carnage x Casca

Daily Carnage Podcast

"If Elon Musk made shoes, we think he'd make them like Casca."  - Mark Rogers, The Daily Carnage

We sat down with Mark from The Daily Carnage to discuss our mission to accelerate a brighter future. We covered everything from designing a shoe for future builders to our upcoming launch.

We continued to talk about the process of navigating a sea of legacy giants, the future of brick and mortar, and what influencer marketing means to us.

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The Daily Carnage supplied a full list of show notes:

  • (02:45) The Casca guys set out to create footwear that does it all. There’s nothing out there that combines quality with versatility.
  • (04:02) Their plans to compete against the huge footwear brands already out there.
  • (05:52) They went with the direct to consumer essentially to keep costs lower. Working with distributors and shoe stores would’ve caused their price to increase too much.
  • (07:30) Casca is releasing shoes based on climates. They’ll have hot/cold and wet/dry shoes.
  • (11:12)  Start with Why is one of Braden’s favorite business books.
  • (13:34) Influencer marketing for them is more than just, “Here’s our product. Go talk about it.” They work to build relationships with their ambassadors.
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