Why Customization Is Key

Why Customization Is Key

For almost 100 years now, shoes have been made for the masses with a one-size-fits-all approach. 

This might be acceptable for a shirt with sleeves that are slightly too long, or a pair of pants you can roll.

But shoes are the foundation of your movement, body alignment and posture. 

There’s a rapidly growing 1.5 billion dollar orthotic industry that exists primarily because we’re all trying to fit into the same shoes. And most of us don’t bother with orthotics, we accept the slight discomforts, non-supportive soles or a pair of shoes that doesn’t quite fit right.

Whether shoe brands invent a softer, bouncier material or customers opt for 3rd-party inserts, the system never really works. 

You are always left with a compromise.
Soft or supportive? Practical or polished? Simple or specific to your needs?

We're looking at new ways to solve the problem. 

In late 2019, we launched the FootB3D™ beta program to challenge your expectations of comfort. 

For the past year, our engineers and machine-learning software have analyzed thousands of customers, and our design department has explored new solutions to comfort.  

So, why do you care?

Enough about us, let’s talk about you. 

You’re not that old, and your feet aren’t falling off. You know things could be better, but you’re not going to pay a fortune or go through great lengths. We get it. 

With that said, nothing is more comfortable than a product custom-made to you. We can all agree on that. 

Say hello to SmartFit™, our breakthrough comfort system. 



Specially developed for your Casca shoes, SmartFit™ offers a personalized fitting shoe and 100% custom comfort.

You can even create it from home, all you need is a few minutes and a smartphone. 

SmartFit™ uses 3D-scanning technology to model your feet using 20,000 unique data points. This model is used to 3D-print a flexible, high-rebound insole for your exact foot shape. 

This is footwear for the future – using cutting-edge technology with purpose. 

And you know what they say, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” 

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We believe customization is the future of footwear, and our sights are set on tailoring the entire shoe. SmartFit™ is our first step towards a shoe truly made for you. Tomorrow, we'll be another step closer. 

Thanks for tuning in,

Kevin Reid 
Casca Founder and Product Designer

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