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What shoe size should I order?

Casca’s are designed to be your most comfortable and supportive daily shoe. All our styles are built according to established industry standards for fit and sizing. However, every brand fits differently for each individual. We suggest you order your true size in Casca’s. Sizing varies among our styles, but all of our shoes are medium-width. With free shipping and free returns, you can also try the shoes on at home for the perfect fit. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions about fit and sizing.

Are any of your products vegan?

Our Knit products are 100% Vegan. From premium Japanese microfibre ‘suede’ to adhesives with zero animal by-products, we’re proud to offer a vegan alternative and hope to move all products in this direction in the future.

The item I want is sold out, how can I get it?

If the item that you want is sold out you can sign up for a waitlist on the products display page. We will send you an email if the product comes back in stock.

Where are your shoes manufactured?

Our shoes are designed in Vancouver and manufactured in Portugal, at a factory just outside the city of Porto. We create the SmartFit insoles right here at our Main Street HQ.

Does Casca warranty its product?

Casca is committed to building a durable product that will stand up to the test of time. We take great pride in how we have designed our shoes to be durable and high quality. However, we do not guarantee issues that are from the wear and tear of the product. If you have questions about this feel free to contact us at


Do you offer free shipping and returns?

We offer complimentary expedited shipping on all orders over $50.00 before tax in North America. 

What is Casca's Return & Exchange Policy?

We offer complimentary returns and exchanges within 30 days from the order's Smartfit Delivery Date. Please note, returns and exchanges must include shoebox, laces, and tote to qualify. All sock products are 'final sale' unless factory defects are apparent.

Can I cancel or update my order after it's placed?

We understand there may be situations where you need to cancel or edit your order. While we will always do our best to accommodate your needs, our orders do move through the fulfillment center pretty quickly. Once your order has reached our warehouse, we will not be able to cancel or edit it due to system limitations. If we are not able to cancel or edit your order and you would like a different size, color, or style, we are happy to help you process an exchange or return within 30 days for any unworn product! Simply reach out to us at

When will I receive my refund?

Once we have received your package, we’ll process returns within 2-3 business days. Refunds will be made in the form of the original payment and may take up to 14 business days for your bank to complete, depending on their processing time.


How do I get my custom SmartFit insole?

Download the Casca app, login with the email you used to purchase your shoes from and complete the steps to scan your feet. Within 2 weeks, we’ll print and ship your custom order. Any questions please contact us at

Do I have to sit or stand to take the perfect foot measurement photos? 

Both sitting and standing will capture the correct foot measurements. We have found it is easier to capture the correct angles if you are sitting down. You can also ask a friend to take the photos for you! 

How do I take the perfect foot measurement photos? 

We’ve created a template for you to fit your framing and foot with when you take your photos in real time. The border will turn green when you have the right angle. Make sure  you are barefoot, that there are no shadows in the photograph and that all four corner of the edges of the paper are in the frame.

What do I do if my Smartfit insole don’t feel right?

Our custom Smartfit insoles offer noticeable metatarsal and arch support, substantially more than common footwear products. In some cases, there is an adjustment period required. If you are experiencing discomfort or pressure, it is recommended that you gradually increase your use of Casca’s, starting in small doses for light activities. Within 1-2 weeks, the support should feel natural.  If this isn’t the case please contact us at

Can the SmartFit fit into other types of shoes? 

Casca SmartFit insoles are thicker and more supportive than conventional insoles and footbeds, and Casca shoes have been designed to accommodate this. Wearing them inside other shoes is not recommended, as they will likely constrict the foot.

How do I clean my Smartfit insoles?

Insoles can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap / water. Pat-drying helps prolong the lifetime.

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